July 5, 2017
Classic Beef Burger

The Burger Range

  At Victoria University cafe, we believe in hearty, fulfilling and sumptuous meals. With that, our chefs have come up with a range of burgers that […]
July 5, 2017

The salad Range

At Victoria University Cafe, we also have a carefully crafted menu for diners who are into healthy eating. To get the most nutritional impact from your […]
July 5, 2017

Cafe coffees

  At Victoria University Cafe, we see coffee as a ritual. It’s something we serve daily, and it’s an essential part of our routine for many […]
February 12, 2015

That honey lime fruit salad

When we think of fruit salads we think of it as a dessert taken after lunch or dinner. But at Victoria University Cafe, from the time […]